Virtualization Technology

Virtualization: the foundation of cloud computing; helps deliver the value of the cloud.

Cloud computing: the delivery of shared computing resources through the Internet.

Virtualization technology creates real savings for businesses that are looking to stretch their IT dollar, and Onside has the IT services expertise to make your virtualization project a success.

We work with businesses of all sizes, matching the right solution for the client. We are experienced with all of the major virtualization software companies and products, including Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMware.

Before you buy a server or rebuild a desktop, consider virtualization with Onside Technology Solutions.

Virtual Server

One server can now do the work of four. With identical performance and function, virtualized servers can run simultaneously on one piece of hardware. Instead of having an entire rack of servers, virtualization fits them into one physical server to save in hardware, maintenance, and energy costs.

We work with companies to plan and implement server virtualization and migration projects. Whether your hardware is coming to end of life, or you need to add new servers without buying new hardware, we can help.

Any business with more than one server, should consider this technology.

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