Virtual Server

Teach your server to multitask.

We’ve helped businesses save tens of thousands of dollars with server virtualization. Whether your hardware is coming to end of life, or you need to add new servers without buying new hardware, we can help.

Without sacrificing performance or functionality, a single physical server can house several virtual servers. These virtual servers to work simultaneously, meaning one physical server can do the work of a SQL, Exchange Sever, and SharePoint server, all at once.

Besides eliminating hardware, server virtualization solves several other issues.

  • Energy Savings- Fewer physical servers mean less electricity to run the servers and the air conditioning.

  • Scalability- Deploying or eliminating servers no longer requires purchasing or repurposing hardware. Instead of taking weeks, servers can be ready to use with a few mouse clicks.

  • Disaster Recovery – Store an image of your server operating system and configuration on an external drive. Simply upload the image if your server needs to be restored. (Hosted Backup is still necessary)

  • IT Management simplification- Fewer servers mean fewer issues with warranties and physical components with server virtualization.

We work with VMware v-Sphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. We help match the right technology with your business by considering business requirements, budget, and current technology for your server virtualization project.

For more information about Server Virtualization, please contact us.